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 Interpreting the Racial Disparity Report Card

The Racial Disparity Report Card is prepared by the Education Committee of the Black Leadership Roundtable and is presented as a public service by the St. Louis Black pages, Inc. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provided the test results.

The state-mandated Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Test is actually two tests. ONe is a test of student progress toward mastering specific Missouri-mandated knowledge, skills and competencies. The other is a multiple-choice test developed by CTB/McGraw-Hill Corportation called TerraNova©

The TerraNova© test is a nationally norm-referenced test, which allows Missouri to compare the achievement of its students with those of other areas in the nation. It is the TerraNova© results that the Racial Disparity Report Card presents. The scores are expressed as Average TerraNova© National Percentages. A SCORE OF 62 INDICATES THAT THE AVERAGE SCORE OF THE GROUP OF STUDENTS TESTED WAS BETTER THAN 62% OF THE STUDENTS AND WORSE THAN 38% OF THE STUDENTS IN THE NATIONALLY NORMED SAMPLE.

The Mathematics Test is given each hear to all public school students that are in Grades 4, 8, and 10. The Communication Arts Test is given each year to students in Grades 3, 9, and 11. Thus the results presented here as elementary, middle and high school, are for students in the grades tested, the year of the test. The district data is the average nationally-normed score of all students who took the test that year.

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