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Exemplary Schools
On the 15th of August, 2003, The St. Louis Black Leadership Roundtable Education Committee (BLR-EDU) honored 15 area schools for their achievement in improving standardized test scores for African-America students during a reception. 
The BLR Education Committee presented awards to each school and their principal for exemplary service to African-American students.  The schools honored are those whose 2002 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Terra Nova© Test Scores both excel within the region for African-Americans and are substantially above the national average for all children. 

    “Our goal is to honor these schools as an example of what can indeed be accomplished,” said Howard Denson, (Chair), Black Leadership Roundtable Education Committee.  “We recognize that the success of these schools has been a direct result of the exceptional leadership of the principals and their staffs.”  The BLR has invited the principals from each of these schools to participate in a Principal Advisory Team to advise the BLR Education Committee. 
Each school received a handcrafted piece of art created by St. Louis artist Thomas Sleet.  The awards were unveiled at a reception at the St. Louis Black Pages office.  Awards were based on student test scores for the 2001-2002 school year provided by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). 
The Terra Nova is a multiple-choice test developed by the CTB/McGraw-Hill Corporation which allows Missouri to compare the achievement of its students with that of other areas in the nation

In April 2001 and again in April 2003, the BLR Education Committee published the “Racial Disparity Report Card” containing (MAP) Terra Nova scores by race for each school in St. Louis City and County.  The data revealed a gap of 22 to 33 nationally normed percentage points in Math and Communicative Arts between the average scores of black and white students in the region and statewide.  The Education Committee, therefore, declared a state of emergency regarding this disparity.  In July 2001, they then hosted the “Eliminating the African American Achievement Gap Summit”.  This set in to motion the BLR-EDU’s Initiative to Eliminate the African American Achievement Gap, which the organization has actively implemented. 
In September 2001, the Education Committee asked area school board members and superintendents to develop and adopt an Emergency Action Resolution to eliminate the African-American Achievement Gap.  In response to this call to action, 23 of the 24 school districts and the board of Cooperating School Districts (CSD) adopted resolutions.  As the BLR-EDU enters into its second two-year Strategic Plan for the Initiative to Eliminate the Gap 2003-2005, many school districts are moving into the implementation of actual plans.

Schools Honored at the School Board Member’s Forum 14 JUNE 2003


Elementary Schools:

Glenridge Elementary
Laura Dupont   

Combs Elementary
Alice Aldridge
Commons Lane Elementary
Barbara Wright
Halls Ferry Elementary
Susan Lark

Cold Water Elementary
Katherine Wayne

George R. Robinson Elementary
Jacalyn Wheelehan

Old Bonhomme Elementary
Wynn Miller

Drummond Elementary
Jim Schwab

Kennard Classical Junior Academy   
Gloria Shelton
St. Louis City
Pierre-Laclede Elementary   
Joyce Roberts
St. Louis City
Mitchell Elementary   
C. Henderson-Powell
St. Louis City

Barbara C. Jordan Elementary
Marshall Peeples
Univ. City
Delmar-Harvard Elementary
V. Gonzalez-Rubio
Univ. City

Middle Schools:

McKinley Classical Junior Academy
Brenda Smith
St. Louis City

High Schools:

Metro Academic Classical Junior Acad
Pamela Randall
St. Louis City